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Helichrysum italicum


Helichrysum is a kind of immortal grass, also called Italian wheat stalk chrysanthemum, because it never withers during the flowering period, and is the first plant to be resurrected even after a fire, so it is also called iron chrysanthemum, eternal chrysanthemum, permanent flower, etc. , Helichrysum, which grows in the terroir of sandy autumn by the sea, is a herbaceous plant with a strong spicy fragrance and is usually called curry grass. Helichrysum contains a large amount of nerolitic acid, and nerolitic acid can help fight free radicals, and promote blood transfer of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, and can relieve depression and reduce panic and panic. It can be used for spa relaxation When used as auxiliary agent, helichrysum can be made into helichrysum facial mask, helichrysum essence, helichrysum lotion, helichrysum facial cream and other skin care products.