Shen Dea Industrial Co. Ltd. is a cosmetics company that manufactures beauty skin care products. The factory has the most innovative mechanical equipment, and first-class production technology, and a professional R&D team engaged in the development and manufacturing of various skin care products. The water used in the production line is also ultra-pure and aseptic in order to provide customers with top-notch skin care products.

Shen Dea can provide all kinds of skin care products professional OEM service, formulation design ODM service, brand planning OBM services. We can provide OEM/ODM production of all kinds of skin care products, and help to plan a series of own brand of skin care products. All you need to do is to provide us with your product requirements, and we will tailor-make a series of products for you according to your information. We sincerely welcome customers from all beauty related industries, such as beauty skin care products wholesaler, retailer and self-made brand owners, to cooperate with us for long-term product development.

OEM List

  • Face care series

    Face care products with whitening, anti-aging, firming, moisturizing, exfoliating, protection, sunscreen, acne removal, softness, nourishing, repairing, oil control and other functions and various dosage forms. Such as Face cream OEM ODM, Face milky lotion OEM ODM, Eye cream OEM ODM, Face gel OEM ODM, Toning lotion OEM ODM, Foundation OEM ODM, Sunscreen / Sunblock OEM ODM, Skin care ampoule OEM ODM

  • Body care series

    Body care products with exfoliation, slimming, breast enhancement, hair health, protection, sunscreen, moisturizing, softness, nourishing, firming, antibacterial, deodorization functions and various types of dosage forms. Such as Hand cream/lotion OEM ODM, Body cream / Lotion OEM ODM, Foot cream/lotion OEM ODM, Breast cream/Lotion OEM ODM, Butt cream / Lotion OEM ODM, Body slimming cream OEM ODM, Stretch marks cream OEM ODM, Body massage cream OEM ODM, Body massage lotion OEM ODM, Body massage oil OEM ODM, Body massage gel OEM ODM, Body gel OEM ODM

  • Essence lotion series

    Functional essences with various functions. such as moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-sensitivity, repair, whitening, firming, oil control, nourishing, exfoliating, protection, pimple removing, etc. Such as Serum OEM ODM, Flower water OEM ODM

  • Essence oil series

    All kinds of Massage essential oil OEM ODM, Roll on essential oil OEM ODM, Bath essential oil OEM ODM, Aromatherapy essential oil OEM ODM, Insect repellent spray OEM ODM, Mosquito repellent spray OEM ODM, Pure essential oil OEM ODM, Compound essential oil OEM ODM, based on natural plants

  • Cleansing series

    Personal cleansing products with functions of makeup removal, face washing and bathing, Such as Amino acid cleansing cream OEM ODM, Amino acid cleansing lotion OEM ODM, Amino acid cleansing gel OEM ODM, Amino acid cleansing mousse OEM ODM, Body wash OEM ODM, Shower gel OEM ODM

  • Facial Mask series

    Wash-off mask OEM ODM, Sheet cloth mask OEM ODM, Bio cellulose mask OEM ODM, Gel mask OEM ODM, Mud mask OEM ODM, Bubble mask OEM ODM and other types of mask with various functions.

  • Men's care series

    Men's care products with different functions and various dosage forms. Such as Men's face cream OEM ODM, Men's face milky lotion OEM ODM, Men's eye cream OEM ODM, Men's face gel OEM ODM, Men's toning lotion OEM ODM, Men's anti acne gel OEM ODM, Men's anti acne serum OEM ODM, Men's face cleansing cream OEM ODM, Men's facial cleanser OEM ODM, Men's shower gel OEM ODM, Men's beard oil OEM ODM, Men's body cream OEM ODM, Men's hand cream OEM ODM, Men's foot cream OEM ODM

  • Sanitizer/Deodorant series

    Sanitizer/Deodorant products with different functions and various dosage forms. Such as Hand sanitizer spray OEM ODM, Hand sanitizer gel OEM ODM, Silver antibacterial spray OEM ODM, Deodorant spray OEM ODM

Service process

Service Description

  • Customer Requirements

    We can provide professional OEM, formulation design ODM and brand planning OBM services for all kinds of skin care products, facial masks, cleaning products, fragrance products and antibacterial products according to customer's needs.

  • Commodity Discussion

    We will discuss with the customer the dosage form, efficacy, ingredients, packaging materials, cost, brand positioning and marketing aspects of the desired product in order to provide the customer with the most comprehensive customization service.

  • Target Market

    We will discuss and analyze the various channels in the skin care product market with the client, based on the client's current resources and strengths, and then suggest appropriate marketing channels.

  • Product Development

    We has many years of experience in research and development of skin care products, and can help customers develop a series of products in a customized way.

  • Packaging Planning

    We will plan or recommend suitable types of packaging for the customer's product needs and target markets, and it can also provide standard and various types of packaging for artwork design or overall planning.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We will serve the customer until it is sure that the customer is satisfied with the sample, packaging and marketing recommendation.

  • Quotation & Contract

    We will provide quotation and contract to the client after the client has confirmed all the product plans.

  • Mass Production

    After the customer has confirmed all the product plans, quotations and contracts, We will formally schedule the mass production and confirm the delivery date with the customer.

  • Shipment

    We cooperates with major domestic and foreign freight and express companies to deliver products to major customers at home and abroad with integrity.