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Sunscreen / Sunblock OEM ODM

Sunscreen / Sunblock OEM & ODM
  Shen Dea cosmetics & skin care products factory / manufacturer can customize for you to develop and produce Sunscreen / Sunblock with different functions or types. According to your requirements, such as SPF, efficacy, ingredients, packaging, cost, etc., we can develop the Sunscreen / Sunblock products only for your own brand. You can also provide us with effective ingredients developed by you, and then we will develop them into Sunscreen / Sunblock for you.

◆ Types of foundation:
Customize OEM of various types of Sunscreen / Sunblock such as Sunscreen / Sunblock lotion, Sunscreen / Sunblock cream, Sunscreen / Sunblock spray etc...

◆ Types of packaging materials:
We can planning or suggestions for different packaging. Such as glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic tube, airless bottle, etc...