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Red wine polyphenol


Red wine polyphenols, also known as red grape polyphenols, are extracted from red wine, which is commonly called red wine. It is made from red grapes. The fermentation process is obtained by soaking and fermenting grape skins together with grapes. Red wine has been confirmed to contain a variety of important chemical substances and nutrients. One of the chemical substances called polyphenols is red wine polyphenols. As the grape itself is produced by antioxidant during photosynthesis, its appearance is purple-red. Biotechnologists have discovered that red wine polyphenols are powerful antioxidant molecules that can effectively resist free radical damage because of freedom. The base produces oxidation, which causes the skin's epidermis to shrink and produce fine lines. Natural red wine polyphenols contain a variety of powerful antioxidants, so they can prevent skin aging, and become whiter, moisturized and elastic. Red wine polyphenols can be made into red wine essence, red wine mask, red wine lotion, red wine cream and other skin care products.